Handmade clasp and jump rings on a sterling silver chain with handcast elements.   Batches include raw brass, 9 or 18 carat gold plated, rose gold, silver or black chrome.    Please enquire for current stock.  These pieces were made over a period of time exploring casting, deliberately creating opportunities for chance happenings of beauty to occur in the casting process.  Rather than do the usual, which is to make a precise cast to replicate an object.  Space was added to casts, as was deliberately staggering hand pours of liquid metal.  This resulted in some interesting artefacts, some beginning a new life as a unique cherished necklace.     These pieces reflect an appreciation of real, natural, imperfect beauty and a rejection of the false, commercial perfection media often portrays.        Image credit - Rich Coburn 
 Hand rolled brass, either raw metal or plated in 9 or 18 carat gold, rose gold, silver or black chrome.    Please enquire for current stock.   These pieces originated as curious distraction while studying a design degree.  I wanted to know what would happen if I melted down a scrubbing steelo.   Possibly an anarchistic act against the endlessness of domestic chores that were juggled between more lofty art ideals.  After a lot of smoke, time and heat it broke down into a puddle of molten metal.  This was poured into an ingot mould and rolled it out into a flat sheet.  The result had ends that were shaped almost like angel wings.  This formed the roots of the first cuff and has been refined since.  The steelo melting has long gone but the memory of its aspirations as beautiful jewellery remains.   This is for the women who wants something timeless, handcrafted and a little different.       Photo credit - Rich Coburn
 Hand rolled brass available as raw metal, 9 or 18 carat gold plated, rose gold, silver or black chrome plated.  Inside wrist detail.       Please enquire for current stock or custom sizes.     Photo credit - Rich Coburn
 Unisex.    Sterling silver hand forged rings.  Super comfortable smooth metal which wraps around the finger naturally.  The forging process of heating and hitting hot silver pretty damn hard, means the metal naturally changes shape.  This work evolved because of my love of hammers, anvils, blacksmithing and all that goes with it.  So far I haven't taken to true blacksmithing with steel - mainly because of the gritty dirtiness of it all (those guys are hardcore! it is some grunty work.  You basically come out with a black face and nostrils with goggle marks.  So I'm still a metal nerd, but I'll stick to smithing softer metals like silver.  t  I havent plated any of these yet but I think they would look sick in black chrome or rose gold so stay tuned.  I'll need your ring size for these ones too, so enquire for current stock.  XS = J  Small =  L   Medium = N  Large = P  Custom orders for XS or XL welcome.     Photo credit - Rich Coburn
 Getting close on the smithed marks.  Unisex.    Sterling silver  I'll need your ring size on these ones, so enquire for current stock.  Happy to make to order if your after super small or large rings.       Photo credit - Rich Coburn    
 Brass knuckle duster on a forged sterling silver ring.    These bad boys sit between the knuckles, perfect for the rocker in you.    Ring size needs to be known for these, so please enquire for details.  Available as raw brass or white bronze on a sterling silver forged band.  Or gold, rose gold, silver or black chrome plated on request.  Small = L  Medium = N  Large = P  XS and XL available by request     Photo credit - Rich Coburn
 Sold out.  Stirling silver chain and forged bar.  White bronze hand cast components.     Photo Credit - Vanessa Green
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