Features a handmade silver clasp on a sterling silver chain and DIY poured casts.  These pieces were made over a period of time exploring the uncontrolled and unexpected through DIY casting.  Pieces were made with the intention of creating opportunities for chance happenings to occur within the casting process. Rather than the usual process, which is to make a cast be a precise replica.  Part of the making of this piece involved creating processes which allowed the unexpected to occur.   This resulted in some beautiful artefacts, some beginning a new life as an interesting neckpiece.  These pieces reflect an appreciation of real, natural, imperfect beauty and a rejection of the false, commercial perfection media often portrays.  Batches include raw brass, 9 or 18 carat gold plated, rose gold, silver or black chrome.  Please enquire for current stock.  Image credit - Rich Coburn
 Hand rolled brass, either raw metal or plated in 9 or 18 carat gold, rose gold, silver or black chrome.  These pieces came from a creative experiment, melting down pot scourers while studying a design degree.  Possibly an anarchistic act against the endless domestic chores juggled between studying.  After a lot of smoke, time and heat the results were a crucible of molten metal, which was poured into an ingot mould then rolled into a flat sheet.   This formed the roots of the first cuff which has been refined since. The steelo melting is long gone but the memory of its aspirations as beautiful jewellery remains. This is for the women who wants something timeless, handcrafted and a little different.  Please enquire for current stock.  Photo credit - Rich Coburn
 Inside wrist detail.  Hand rolled brass available as raw metal, 9 or 18 carat gold plated, rose gold, silver or black chrome plated.  Please enquire for current stock or custom sizes.    Photo credit - Rich Coburn
 Unisex.  Sterling silver hand forged rings.  Super comfortable smooth metal which wraps around the finger naturally. The forging process of heating and hitting hot silver pretty damn hard, means the metal slowly changes shape over the anvil, before becoming work hardened and needing heating again. These pieces evolved because of my love of hammers, anvils and hiphop.  I’ve never taken to controlled ways of making, instead I’ve gravitated to more kinaesthetic processes like this.    Wearing these pieces you know they’ve been crafted over the anvil to some seriously good hiphop from the early 90s.    Ring sizing below.  Enquire for current stock.  XS = J  Small = L  Medium = N  Large = P  Custom orders for XS or XL welcome.    Photo credit - Rich Coburn
 Unisex.  Sterling silver  Custom making service available if your after super small or large sizes.    Photo credit - Rich Coburn
 Brass knuckle duster on a forged sterling silver ring.  These bad boys sit between the knuckles.  Available as raw brass or white bronze rocks on a sterling silver hand forged band.   Also available plated in 18 caret gold, rose gold, silver or black chrome on request.  Small = L  Medium = N  Large = P  XS and XL available to order    Photo credit - Rich Coburn
 Sold out.  Stirling silver chain and hand forged bar with white bronze hand cast components.    Photo Credit - Vanessa Green
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